Reiki Precepts

The Reiki Precepts

Reiki Precepts are the foundation of every Reiki practice. They are a set of values by which Reiki practitioners abide in their day-to-day lives. Originally attributed to Dr. Mikao Usui, they differ from practice to practice. What they all have in common are guidance on worry, anger, honesty, gratitude, and compassion. In this practice, we say:

Just for today, let go of worry.
Just for today, let go of anger.
Just for today, work honestly.
Just for today, live in gratitude.
Just for today, live in compassion.

Just for Today…

It is a noble commitment to no longer knowingly cause suffering in oneself or another. This is accomplished with practice — by first creating small moments without suffering which soon turn into hours, then days, and finally blooming into a life where living without suffering is the norm.

In order to accommodate the reality that every day is a fresh beginning and these things happen one step at a time, we say we will abide by these things “just for today”. In being deliberate with our moments, we build days enriched by indelible joy — one moment at a time.

This is how to create a lifetime well spent.

Letting Go of Worry

Worry concerns itself with the future. The purpose of worry is to alert us to potential bumps in the road so that we may account for them. It is a road sign that gets mistaken for a sign of the apocalypse. The act of worrying places our consciousness outside of our body, in an imagination space, completely departed from the present moment. While we are worrying, not only are we not healing, we are more importantly not living.

Worry creates conditions which wear us down. We are not able to fully heal. In letting go of worry, we allow the body to restore itself to the best of its ability.

More importantly, when we are not living in worry, we are free to live in gratitude.

Letting Go of Anger

Anger mostly concerns itself with the past. The purpose of anger is to alert us to areas where we believe a line has been crossed. Anger can reveal to us what we care about and who we think we are. When we are justified in our anger, we say a boundary has been violated. When are not justified in our anger, we usually find an entitlement.

Anger creates conditions which separate us and convince us we are at risk (which can lead to anxiety). It is the purpose of the mind to keep us safe — it is indifferent to our comfort. Anger blocks our clarity from emerging. In letting go of anger, we allow our minds to recuperate and let clarity emerge.

When we are not living in anger, then we are free to live in compassion.

Working Honestly

Working honestly is about being honest in speech, action, and thought. It’s about acknowledging the reality of the Universe — cause and effect — and knowing that if you put in deliberate, methodical, and care-ful work, you will get a transcendent result.

The hardest part of dishonesty is creating a dissonance within ourselves that can sometimes last forever. This is usually experienced as a tension in our Hearts which constricts everything — including access to our own abundant potential.

Honest work requires presence and reveals where we can further improve. Mistakes made while present aren’t from simple carelessness — they reveal where we need practice.

Committing to honesty makes life easier. There is nothing to navigate and no loss for words. This isn’t an excuse to be brutal. The Truth is wise and accounts for the Hearts of others with compassion — not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s the most accurate. Living a life that doesn’t require secrecy or duplicity keeps Hearts unbroken, minds undivided, and souls unshattered.

As we can see, honesty isn’t just about telling the truth with others. It begins within ourselves. When we live and act honestly, we create the conditions for our optimal vibrancy, we make the wisest possible choice, and we make room for more important things like gratitude and compassion.

Living in Gratitude

The banality of evil is boredom. Boredom is a symptom of an appreciation deficiency. This lack of appreciation is easily solved with a simple gratitude adjustment.

Gratitude will reignite any Heart. Luckily for us, gratitude is a constant fact of life. If we can see, there will always be light to behold. If we can hear or feel, there will always be the wind. As long as we have any of our senses, we have something for which to be grateful and with which to appreciate.

Our senses are our keys to appreciation. When we are in our senses, we give our mind a moment to disengage. We give our body a moment of joy. Most importantly, we bring ourselves to presence by simply coming to our senses.

When we stop prejudging our moments and simply take them in, we’re not only finally enjoying life — we’re seeing the world most accurately.

Gratitude is the key to a Wise Heart.

Living in Compassion

Compassion is the supreme intelligence. It is the ability to ask “why”. When we can ask why something is happening without any prejudice, we will arrive at the supreme truth. Any other approach yields messier results.

When we act from compassion, we align with supreme knowledge and will. We are approaching life holistically. Compassion forces anger to yield. It asks anxiety and want to be replaced. No form of analytical memorization can compare the instantaneous wisdom in knowledge and action that compassion provides.

Compassion makes us better protectors. It gives us authority. Compassion creates confidence knowing we are making the best choice. Compassion will never leave you wondering what to say or do. It always presents a way forward.

Compassion always aligns our actions the will of supreme intelligence.

The Greatest and Highest Good

All of these virtues, once cultivated, will yield a life lived well, lived wisely, and lived verily merrily. Regret becomes confidence. Anger becomes compassionate clarity. Anxiety has no place in the garden of the Heart (but there’s certainly room). There is another universe to explore in these virtues.

In Reiki and its precepts, we find there is never a reason to worry.

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