How does Reiki work?

Reiki works multidimensionally to revitalize and restore wellness. In Reiki, we enter a state optimized for physical healing while also relating to our mind and emotions in a way that allows for inner peace no matter the circumstance. The philosophical implications of this experience can resonate throughout every aspect of being. Most people experience positive results after one session.

What Happens in a Distance Reiki session?

In a Distance Reiki session, a Reiki practitioner guides the recipient to a place of supreme relaxation. The practitioner performs a traditional Reiki session with a grid, altar, hand positions, and symbols. They join their recipient in this supreme meditative state, direct Reiki energy, and amplify it in group meditation.

Before the session

Once you’ve scheduled a ceremony, you’ll receive an email with:

  • ways to prepare before the session
  • ways to enter this meditative state
  • ways to relate to your inner world during Reiki

You’ll be contacted personally and have an opportunity to ask questions about the session and optionally receive Reiki guidance.

During the session

When we’re in a Reiki meditation, we’re welcome to heal. Like the opposite of fight-or-flight, when our bodies are in Reiki they take the opportunity to revive themselves. When we tailor a space for our comfort and implement the relaxation techniques of Reiki, we’re revitalized in body and spirit.

After the session

You’ll receive a follow-up email with after-care instructions and a photo of your Reiki grid and altar. We’ll see how you’re feeling and answer questions about the session.

Reiki Guidance

Understanding and living in our true nature is the north star of this practice.

One thing that Reiki reveals about life is that we are more than we think we are. By momentarily leaving every impermanent belief about ourselves behind, we find out who we really are and how much we can influence our own experience.

If you’ve opted for Reiki guidance, feel free to prepare a few questions. After your Reiki session, we’ll answer questions about your experience, this philosophy, and how to bring this positive experience to your day-to-day life.

Ready for Reiki?

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